Embodiment Beauty Treatment


Embodiment Beauty Treatment is a new treatment offered by TOTEM Acupuncture.

$693 for a package of 8 treatments (8th treatment free) ($99 for single treatment)

As well as Acupuncture, acupressure and GuaSha, what makes the embodiment massage different is its use of the manual and micro-current techniques:

  • Healing Touch on the head face and neck-Intended for relaxation and to bring a healing sense of well-being to the treatment.
  • Lymphatic Drainage for the face-The purpose is to move fluids out of the tissues and into the lymph nodes where bacteria is disposed of. This can heal skin and greatly reduce puffiness.
  • Myofascial Release for the face- Did you know that tense facial muscles can anchor your mood in the past? When the myofascial muscle fibers of your face are released your face will look calm and rested.
  • Micro-current Treatment- uses micro-ampere currents of electricity mimicking the bodies own bioelectric system. The treatment softens wrinkles, rejuvenates and lifts skin.

Acupressure- Manual pressure on acupuncture points of the face ‘primes the pump’ so to speak for the acupuncture, so it works quickly, more effectively, and the results last longer.

Acupuncture for the face- Acupuncture is done on the face to release expression lines in the dermis (underneath the epidermis), activate meridian points to improve the function of collagen production and blood circulation to the skin, detoxify waste products from the skin, and regulate “heat” a.k.a. redness in the skin.

Gua Sha on the face with labradorite- Gua Sha is a thousand-year old Chinese massage technique that is very good at treating the tight facial muscles which can “ cement” expression lines on your face. I perform this comfortable treatment with a Labradorite stone which is known for its healing properties.

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