Anxiety, neck and shoulder pain, and blood disease


My primary motivator for contacting Stephanie was to seek a more natural way to address my health issues: Anxiety, neck and shoulder pain, and blood disease. Decreasing my use of medications that treat symptoms, not root causes, was my goal. I don’t like putting chemicals into my body!

After nearly three months of acupuncture treatments, I am pleased with my progress and grateful to Stephanie for helping me find a better way to take care of myself. Stephanie has taken time to educate me about acupuncture, and she patiently answers my many questions.

In addition to my acupuncture treatments, I am also taking herbs, something I never dreamed I would do. Once Stephanie explained to me how the herbs support the natural functions of the body, I decided to give them a try; I am so very glad I did. The main difference I feel is a sense of balance and overall well-being. My anxiety level has significantly decreased, and I am sleeping better.

If you’ve ever wondered if acupuncture can help you, I strongly encourage you to set an appointment with Stephanie. She is a professional with a gentle approach, and she is a patient listener. As she has done for me, she will guide you through the process of determining if acupuncture can enhance your quality of life. Thank you, Stephanie, for helping me find a more natural path to a healthier body and mind.

Carol H.