What are ear seeds?


Ear seeds will be used as part of the protocol for the Holistic Weight loss and Winter Cleanse that is starting January 8 and running for five weeks here at Totem Acupuncture. So, I thought I would explain a bit about them.

They are small black seeds from the vaccaria plant or small metal beads that are secured with a piece of adhesive tape on acupressure points of the ear. The continuous mild pressure they exert is amplified by pressing the bead for a few seconds at least 3 times per day. This treatment is based on a Auriculotherapy which is a microsystem of Acupuncture located on the ear. The acupoints on the ear work a bit differently than those on the body.

What makes the ear acupoints different?

Stimulation of these points can reduce pain by normalizing the pathological reflex pathways that connect them to the somatotopic brain.

How do Acupuncturists use ear seeds?

They are used in two ways. Firstly, in my clinic I use ear seeds as the patient is leaving my office to extend the treatment results. I often use a very famous point called Shenmen for anxiety. The directions that I give and the points I choose are based on the severity and the type of condition we are treating. Another way that ear seeds can be used as as a stand alone treatment. For instance, for children who tend to respond very quickly and easily to a treatment.

What conditions can be improved by ear seeds?

There are many conditions that are treated by auriculotherapy. Those that I commonly treat in my clinic are stress, high blood pressure, nausea, detoxification, pain, sleep, and addictions. My patients love ear seeds and will always remind me to replace theirs at the end of a treatment.

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