Acupuncture in Leawood, KS with Stephanie McGuirk, L.Ac.

Dr. Stephanie McGuirk has been in the healing arts field for 20 years. Dr Stephanie experience includes studying in China, working at Ku Integrative medicine center, teaching throughout the Midwest, and maintaining a practice in Johnson County for fourteen years.

“My greatest privilege is witnessing the strength of the human spirit as it journeys toward health,” says Stephanie. Whether it is to strengthen your immune system for Allergy season, relieve pain so you can maintain a active lifestyle or enhance your fertility. Dr. Stephanie wants to help you tell your story of healing.


Dr Stephanie will utilize any of the following when applicable;

-Chinese Medical Tongue Diagnosis and Pulse taking

– Japanese Kototoma Pulse and Abdominal Diagnosis

– Acupuncture

-QI energy Healing


-Moxibustion warming herbal treatment

-TCM food healing / Chinese herbal consult

-Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal organ massage

-Auricular ear acupuncture, NADA protocol for addictions

-Yamamoto ‘s scalp acupuncture for Stroke care


Insurance Information:

Totem Acupuncture does not take insurance, but you may use Health Savings Funds for

acupuncture services. We would be happy to provide you with invoices for your treatments.

Traditional Chinese Diagnostics



Pulse diagnosis is one of the original set of four diagnostic methods that are described as an essential part of traditional Chinese medical practice (1). The four diagnostic methods are:pulse reading, inspection, listening, and inquiry.

Pulse Qualities
These are some example of the major pulse qualities. In Chinese medicine,

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Guidelines for Fertility

Chinese Medicine Guidelines to Increase Fertility

Many women find acupuncture after a long stressful journey struggling with an Infertility diagnosis (and label). By the time you reach an acupuncturist you may be emotionally and financially burnt out. I find that after a few weeks of treatments that stress dissipates and you recover. The process of coming back into balance and

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Breach Presentation During Pregnancy

Evidence shows us that moxibustion in combination with Acupuncture and other postural techniques such as inversion can safely turn a baby in the breach presentation. Consulting an acupuncturist trained in Chinese medicine with experience and a high rate of successful outcomes in these cases is a smart choice.

Doctors refer their pregnant moms to me between 32 and 35 weeks.

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