Acupuncture in Leawood, KS with Stephanie McGuirk, L.Ac.

Dr. Stephanie McGuirk has been in the healing arts field for 20 years. Dr Stephanie experience includes studying in China, working at Ku Integrative medicine center, teaching throughout the Midwest, and maintaining a practice in Johnson County for fourteen years.

“My greatest privilege is witnessing the strength of the human spirit as it journeys toward health,” says Stephanie. Whether it is to strengthen your immune system for Allergy season, relieve pain so you can maintain a active lifestyle or enhance your fertility. Dr. Stephanie wants to help you tell your story of healing.


Dr Stephanie will utilize any of the following when applicable;

-Chinese Medical Tongue Diagnosis and Pulse taking

– Japanese Kototoma Pulse and Abdominal Diagnosis

– Acupuncture

-QI energy Healing


-Moxibustion warming herbal treatment

-TCM food healing / Chinese herbal consult

-Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal organ massage

-Auricular ear acupuncture, NADA protocol for addictions

-Yamamoto ‘s scalp acupuncture for Stroke care


Insurance Information:

Totem Acupuncture does not take insurance, but you may use Health Savings Funds for

acupuncture services. We would be happy to provide you with invoices for your treatments.

What is “Dampness” in the Body?

The term “Dampness” is used in Chinese medicine and can be the underlying cause of many conditions such as achy joints and limbs, headaches, many digestive issues, sluggishness and depression, and skin conditions such as acne. The Chinese believe that both the external environment and your body‘s internal environment can combine to cause too much “dampness.” If you

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Allergy Recommendations from TOTEM



It’s that time of year again and many are noticing more seasonal symptoms each year as they age. Here I am going to discuss strategies for dealing with symptoms. First of all, I want to address the term ‘allergies.’ When we use the word, ‘allergies’ it is assumed we either have allergies or we don’t

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Somatic Acupuncture

THE BODY TELLS A STORY Somatic Acupuncture

Most people that come to see me that I’ve had acupuncture in the past say that they’ve never experienced anything like my treatments. I am fully trained as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner but the training and experience I had prior to doing graduate school is what makes my work different. What I

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